Licensing for Client work & Digital Products for sale


Save time curating images for your client & design work

✓ You receive the same membership benefits as the standard small business subscription such as unlimited image downloads, Canva templates, graphics & stock video clips.

✓ You may use images for your own business use.

✓ You may also use the images and templates in your clients websites, marketing materials, designs, and social feeds.

✓ The Commercial plan allows you to create products to sell such as journals, oracle card decks, planners & other printed or physical products.


Select one of our flexible membership plans:
Monthly Plan


per year

Quarterly Plan


per year

Only looking to license 1 image or a bundle of images? Email for a custom quote.


What you can expect:

✓ Captivating images cannot be found anywhere else, that will truly set your business apart from the rest.

✓ Saving you money and time sourcing photos from expensive stock photo sites.

✓ Getting inspired ideas for creating new products to launch.

✓ Having access to top-quality images that suit any type of spiritual and mindfulness business.

✓ Having more time to create meaningful products, connect with your clients, and grow your business.

✓ A place that gives you so much inspiration and boosts your creativity.

✓ Stunning visuals to use for your clients social media, workbooks & programs.

Our imagery & content covers a wide range of categories, such as:

Are you ready to take your visual branding to the next level with unique, soulful imagery that you can’t find anywhere else?

This is what you get:

Social Media Templates

Quickly and easily create stunning post graphics that are perfectly aligned with your brand.

Customizable Workbooks

Transform your offerings with our fully customizable Canva template workbooks, ideal for your clients and freebies.

Unique Stock Imagery

Elevate your visual content and connect with your audience with our growing library of thousands of professional images

Stock Video Clips

Elevate your Instagram Story posts & Reels or create meditative YouTube videos by adding movement to your content.

Caption Prompts

Caption ideas and prompts for Instagram to help connect with your audience and grow your business. 

Save time and money

Streamline your visual content by having a professional photographer, designer and social media manager in your back pocket. 


The Inspired Stock Shop Membership Is For Entrepreneurs Just Like You

Designed specifically for heart-centered business owners, this membership is the perfect tool to help you educate, motivate, and touch the hearts of your audience with the power of the right imagery and resources.

Whether you have a passion for teaching or a drive to inspire, you’ll feel right at home with our community of like-minded entrepreneurs, such as:

I am always impressed each week!

I have been using the content for my small business for over a year or so now, and I am always impressed each week! As a woman-owned, black-owned, LGBTQ+-owned business in a witchy wellness niche market, I am thrilled at the amount of diverse media available. The inclusion of diverse faces, ages, sizes, and energies is so powerful.

– Heather, Tea & Tarot Boutique

I am always impressed each week!

I have been using the content for my small business for over a year or so now, and I am always impressed each week! As a woman-owned, black-owned, LGBTQ+-owned business in a witchy wellness niche market, I am thrilled at the amount of diverse media available. The inclusion of diverse faces, ages, sizes, and energies is so powerful.

– Heather, Tea & Tarot Boutique

Helped me shift and align the energy of my business!

“I was so excited to learn about Inspired Stock Shop because it was so hard to find soulful images that really captured the essence of my business and beliefs. It’s really helped me shift and align the energy of my business, and I appreciate the diversity in the imagery as well.”

– Jovhannah, Energy Healing & Tarot reader

This membership is for you so you can finally get your time back and focus on what you love doing


Your license includes the following commercial use:

  • Use the images for your client’s website(s)
  • Digital products for your client’s business such social media graphics, workbooks, ebooks, pdfs etc. (as long as the images cannot be extracted).
  • You may use images & templates for an unlimited number of client projects.
  • You may add color, filter overlays, text, designs, product photos, logos, and crop/rotate/resize the images.
  • You may also use all assets in your own business (website, social media, workbooks, freebies, FB ads etc.)


  • Create digital products for sale. Examples: downloadable PDF’s, ebooks, guides, workbooks, journals etc.
  • Create digital designs for sale and include them as stand alone files to your customers, as long as they are part of your final design/ package. Examples: website templates, canva templates, and other digital designs.
  • You may create physical products for sale such as journals, stickers, notebooks, calendars & cards, mugs etc.
  • You may print unlimited copies of books or magazines for sale.
  • You may create and sell oracle card type decks.
  • You may sell products on any e-commerce platform such as Etsy, Amazon, Shopify etc.

You may not:

  • Claim the images as your own.
  • You may not include the images or templates as standalone files in membership sites or mass distribution sites/PLR content. Your creations are meant for individual clients/customers only.
  • Sell images as stand alone files. They must be included with your design template as a package/bundle.
  • Share your login information with clients/customers or give them access to the Inspired Stock Shop library.
  • You may not transfer stand alone images directly to your clients or customers. They should be incorporated into their designs/website.
  • You may not use them in large-scale print campaigns or mass print productions without written permission.
  • You may not use the images to promote or sell other stock photography, services, workshops, courses, or memberships.
  • Images may not be used for any offensive, discriminatory, illegal or pornographic use.
  • Use images in a logo or emblem that will be officially registered as a trademark.

We currently offer two payment plans: a 6-month payment plan and a 12-month payment plan.

6 month payment plan:

With the 6-month payment plan, you will be charged 6 consecutive monthly payments. Your commercial license will remain active for 1 year (12 months).

12 month payment plan

With the 12-month payment plan, you will be charged 12 consecutive monthly payments. Your commercial license will also be active for 1 year (12 months).

  • During this 12-month period, you may create as many products as you like using all content in the library and any content added during that time.
  • Once the year is finished, your membership will end, and you will be given the option to renew.
  • If you choose not to renew, you can still sell your existing products and templates but will not be able to create new ones.
  • If you DO NOT complete all the payments for your payment plan, you will be required to stop selling any products created with ISS content immediately and will not be able to create any new products for sale.

There is no expiration on photos applied to your client projects.

Once your membership expires, you may continue using downloaded photos for personal projects, however you can’t use the images to create new work for clients.

Likewise if you cancel the Commercial Plan, you can continue to use the photos for existing products & templates, but not for new products or templates.

Yes. Having a Lifetime Membership gives you the benefit of having access to everything that is added to the library and never having to pay for it again. The license is the same as with our other membership plans, in that you can use the images and templates for the marketing and running of your own small business.

However you still an extended license if you’d like to use the images in client work or if you’d like to create products to sell. Having a lifetime membership does not make you exempt.

Good question!

You may add something along these lines if you think others may recognize Inspired Stock Shop images in the designs you are selling:

All image rights reserved by Inspired Stock Shop. Images are used under the ISS commercial license plan.

This is just a suggestion and it is not required. 

You could even link to Inspired Stock Shop using your affiliate link!